105B. DOG Wants to Play Ball: B-Charades

Activity Name: B-Charades

In “Dog Wants to Play Ball”, Dog uses different motions and gestures to get the other characters to guess what he wants. In this show, the characters guess many different words that start with the letter “B” before they guess the word “ball.” Try playing this fun charades game at home.

Related Episode: 105 B. Dog Wants to Play Ball.
Age Range:
Recognizing the Letter “B”.
Literacy and Language Development.


  • Rectangular pieces of cardboard or paper (all the same size and shape).
  • Photographs, pictures from old magazines, and/or drawings of objects that start with “B”.
  • Glue.


  1. Draw or paste images of words that start with the letter B on the pieces of paper.
  2. Write the name of the object below the picture.Some objects could include:
    bread; banana; bagel; blueberry
    bib; binky; baby bonnet; bottle
    bubble; ball; blanket; bath
    boy; bus; bear; bird
  3. Put all the cards in a bag and mix them up.
  4. Pull out a card and use your hands, arms, body movements and facial expressions to try to get your child to guess the word on the card.
  5. Switch roles and try to guess the word your child selects.Note: This can either be done just through gestures or, for younger children, with words too. (For example, when describing a banana a child could say, “This is yellow and something that I like to eat for a snack”).Variation: Pick another letter of the alphabet with your child. Think of words that start with that letter. Follow the instructions 1-5 above to play charades with the new letter.

Take it Further:

  • Big “B” Collage Take a large piece of cardboard, poster board or other sturdy material and cut it into a “B” shape. Then draw or paste cutouts of the letter B (cut out from words in old papers, magazines, etc.) and place them all over the “B”.

Variation: Draw or paste objects that start with the letter B all over the “B.” Hang the “B” collage on the wall or hang with a piece of yarn.