107A. DOG’s Camping Adventure: Who’s Making that Sound?

Activity Name: Who’s Making that Sound?

In “Dog’s Camping Adventure”, Dog learns that when you find out what is making a sound that seems scary, the sound no longer seems that scary. In this fun game, children practice making and guessing animal sounds.

Related Episode: 107 A. Dog’s Camping Adventure.
Age Range: 3-5
Skills: Listening Skills; Identifying Sounds; Vocabulary and Concept Development.
Subjects: Literacy and Language Development.


  • Pieces of paper.
  • Crayons, markers or pencils and/or pictures of animals and glue or pre-made cards with pictures of animals and the name of the animal below or above the picture.


Getting Ready:

  1. Make cards out of paper with the name of an animal and a drawing or picture of that animal.
  2. Mix up the cards and put them in a bag.

Playing the Game:

  1. A player pulls a card out of the bag and makes the sound of the animal on the card.
  2. The other player(s) try to guess the animal.
  3. The next player draws another animal out of the bag and makes the sound of that animal. The other player(s) guess the animal.
  4. The game continues until there are no cards left in the bag.

Take it Further:

Animal Sound Hide and Seek. This is a fun hide and seek game using animal sounds. Here’s how to play:

  • One person is “it” and all the other players hide.
  • The person who is “it” makes an animal sound. (For example, he barks like a dog.) The players who are hiding then have to make the same sound or another animal sound.
  • The person who is “it” then tries to find the players. During the game, the person who is “it” can make an animal sound at any time. Whenever the players hear that sound, they then also have to make an animal sound (the same sound that they just heard or another sound). The player who is “it” continues to try to find the players by following their sounds.
  • When a player is found, she then joins the person who is “it” by making animal sounds with him and helping him find the other players by listening to their sounds.
  • The last person found becomes “it”.

Variations: This game can also be played with different categories. Here are some ideas:

  • Find the Letter Sound: The person who is “it” chooses a letter sound (for example, the sound of the first letter of his name). When he makes the letter sound /t/ for the letter T, everyone else responds with the same letter sound. Every time the person who is “it” says the letter sound, everyone has to respond with that letter. This continues until he has found all the players. The next person who is “it” can make the same letter sound or choose a new one.
  • Find the silly sound:In this version, children make up silly sounds to say when playing the game.
  • Find transportation sounds: In this game, players make the sounds of trucks, cars, trains, planes and other methods of transportation.
  • Find the siren: In this version, children make sounds of sirens on police cars, fire engines, ambulances, etc.
  • Blindfolded Version (“Barko-Polo”): Put a blindfold around the person who is “it”. Have everyone stand still and make their sounds. The person who is “it” tries to find the other players by listening to their sounds. (In this version, it is important that the people playing the game stay in one spot to make their sounds, so that the person who is blindfolded can find them).