109B. One Hat Fits All: Make a HAT WordThing

Activity Name: Make a Hat WordThing™

Sheep, the magician, loses her Hat, and it goes flying around WordWorld. Unfortunately, it breaks apart and Sheep’s WordFriends™ must help her put it back together again. In this fun activity, you and your child can put together your own hats.

Related Episode: 109 B. One HAT Fits All.
Age Range:
Recognizing the same word in different contexts.
Literacy and Language Development.


  • Cutout of the letter H.
  • Cutout of the letter A.
  • Cutout of the letter T.
  • Strip of paper (must fit around child’s head).
  • Tape or stapler.


  1. Practice each letter name in the word hat and then practice the sounds /h/ /a/ /t/ to make hat. Emphasize the blending of the three sounds to make the word.
  2. Lay the letters down on a table in the appropriate order to build hat.
  3. Once the word has been “built”, say the word hat, emphasizing the sound each letter makes.
  4. Feel free to let your child color and decorate the letters.
  5. Tape or staple the letters to the strip of paper in the correct order. Then, form the piece of paper into a circle to fit around the child’s head. Secure the ends.
  6. Now, your child has his/her own hat WordThing!

Take it Further:

  • Build a WordThing Have your child identify different kinds of hats. Draw pictures of the various types together. How are they similar? How are they different? Write the word hat on all of the different pictures to build greater word recognition.