113A. Radio Read-a-Thon

Activity Name: Look at My Book

In “Radio Read-a-Thon”, Duck has to read his favorite book on the radio, remembering the story through the pictures. “LOOK BOOKS” are great to encourage your child to read in this way, even if they cannot yet read words.

Related Episode: 113 A. Radio Read-a-Thon.
Age Range:

  • Identifying letters OOK.
  • Reading favorite stories through pictures.
  • Writing letters.

Subjects: Language, literacy, art, fine motor.


  • 3-5 half-sheets of paper.
  • 2 pieces of construction paper the same size.
  • Crayons.
  • Stapler or
  • Hole puncher and yarn.


  1. Talk with your child about the different ways we read books. Sometimes we read the words, sometimes we know the story from memory, and sometimes we use pictures to tell the story. Books that we read from by looking at the pictures are called “LOOK BOOKS”.
  2. Have your child choose her favorite book. Sit and read it with her, focusing on the pictures. Then have her go back and retell the story using just the pictures.
  3. Either using that story, or one you make up together, ask your child to draw 3-5 scenes, each on a separate piece of paper.
  4. Take a piece of construction paper and help your child copy or trace the words “LOOK BOOK”. Make sure the letters are big. Notice that these words both end in OOK and that they rhyme.
  5. Cut out the OO’s in the two words LOOK and BOOK. This way your child can peek inside her book. Decorate the construction paper any way you like. This will be the cover of your LOOK BOOK.
  6. Take another piece of construction paper (same size) and sandwich the inner pages of your book between the two pieces of construction paper. Staple or punch holes through the left side of the book so you can sew the book together with yarn.
  7. Read your LOOK BOOK together and share it with others!

Variation: Staple or sew both sides of your book together. Cut a line down the middle of the front cover to make a shutter book.

Take it Further:

  • Once you’ve made your LOOK BOOK, ask your child to retell the story while you write it down. Attach this dictation inside the book so you can go back and reread it with them later on.
  • Create other LOOK BOOKS that display one picture on a page with the word written under it. This way your child can “read” words through pictures.
  • Have your read their book to family or friends over the phone–just like on the radio!