103A. Rocket to the Moon: Uppercase-Lowercase Matching Game

Activity Name: Uppercase-Lowercase Matching Game

In “Rocket to the Moon”, Frog learns that both lowercase and uppercase letters can form words. This fun matching game helps children become familiar with letters in both uppercase and lowercase forms.

Related Episode: 103 A. Rocket to the Moon
Age Range: 3-5
Skills: Matching Lowercase and Uppercase Letters
Subjects: Literacy and Language Development


  • The same number of pieces of paper in two different colors (for example, ten red and ten blue). All pieces should be the same size and shape.
  • Pencil, pen, crayons or markers.


  1. Select a few letters and draw their lowercase versions on sheets of paper (one letter per sheet). Try starting with the letters in your child’s name.
  2. Draw the uppercase forms of the same letters on pieces of paper that are a different color.
  3. Mix up the cards and place them upside down on the playing surface.
  4. Flip over one card of each color to try to match a lowercase letter to its corresponding uppercase letter. If they match, put them in your pile. If they don’t match, turn them back over.
  5. The next player then flips over one card of each color to try to find a match.
  6. The game continues until all matches have been found.
    Variation: For an easier version of the game, play with the letters facing up. Take turns matching the lowercase letters with their corresponding uppercase ones.

Take it Further:

  • Make a Magnet Help your child to choose a letter of the alphabet from a word that he knows well, such as his name, favorite food, favorite animal, etc. Work with your child to write the uppercase and lowercase versions of that letter on a sheet of sturdy paper. Attach flexible magnetic tape (found in craft stores) to the back of the paper to make your very own magnet.
    Another way to make a magnet is to reuse an old magnet that you don’t need. Paste paper on the front or paint the front of the magnet in white to create a blank art surface. Your child then can draw an uppercase and lowercase letter on the front. Make more magnets with other letters of the alphabet in both uppercase and lowercase forms.
  • Make a Bookmark Work with your child to choose a letter of the alphabet from a word he knows well. Write the letter in both uppercase and lowercase forms on a rectangular (bookmark-shaped) sheet of sturdy paper, poster board or cardboard. Have your child color and draw pictures of things that start with that letter on the other side of the bookmark. (For example, if you choose the letter D, your child could draw pictures of dinosaurs, dogs, donuts, doors, etc.). Use the bookmark as you read to your child.