103B. The BIRDS: Build a WordThing

Activity Name: Build a WordThing™

In “The Birds”, the WordFriends™ explore the words “bird”, “egg” and “nest.” This fun activity encourages children to create their very own WordThings (objects that are made up of the letters that create their word) for the words shown in this episode.

Related Episode: 103 B. The Birds.
Age Range: 3-5
Skills: Recognizing Words in Print; Vocabulary Development.
Subjects: Literacy and Language Development.


  • Construction paper, white paper, sturdy paper or cardboard.
  • Crayons, markers or pencils.
  • Twigs, feathers and other items to paste onto the WordThings.


  1. Work with your child to create a WordThing for the word “bird”: Write “bird” in big letters on a piece of paper or cardboard. Draw and/or paste items around the letters to make the word look like a bird. For example, decorate the word with feathers and draw a head and feet onto the word and/or cut out wings (from paper, cardboard or other sturdy material) and glue them onto the word.
  2. Work with your child to create a WordThing for the word “nest”: Write the word “nest” on a sheet of paper. Decorate it by drawing a nest around it or adding things like twigs to create a nest.
  3. Work with your child to create a WordThing for the word “egg”: Cut a sheet of paper into an egg-shaped oval. Write the word “egg” inside the oval. Decorate with paint, markers, crayons, colored pencils, etc.
  4. Here are some suggestions of what you can do with your finished WordThings:
    • Attach tape to the back and hang them on the wall.
    • Attach magnetic tape to the back of the WordThings to make magnets.
    • Put a hole in the top of each of your WordThings to hang them for all to see.
    • Attach your WordT

Take it Further:

  • Bird, Egg, Nest Game Place the WordThings from the above activity onto the floor, spaced at least four feet apart from each other. Have your child/children walk around the room or dance to music. After a little while, shout out “bird,” “egg” or “nest.” All players then quickly go to WordThing corresponding to the word that the caller said. (For example, if you say “nest”, everyone goes to the sheet with the “nest” WordThing). After all children are standing next to the picture, they begin moving around the room again. After a little while, call out one of the three words. Children then quickly go to that word. Everyone can take turns being the caller.
  • Mommy/Baby Concentration Game Cut out pictures of adult animals and their babies, including an adult and baby bird and an adult and baby human. Paste the pictures on rectangular card-shaped poster board (or other sturdy material). Mix up the cards and play concentration-trying to match each baby to its adult.
  • Bird Watching JournalTake a blank notebook or staple several sheets of paper together (at the top left hand corner). This will be your bird journal. Go outside with your child to look for birds. Take photographs of the birds or draw pictures of them into your bird journal. On the cover, write the word “birds” and draw or paste pictures of birds.