105A. Sh-Sh-SHARK!: FISH-SH-SH-ing

Activity Name: FISH-SH-SH-ing

In “SH-SH-Shark”, the WordFriends™ learn many new words with the “sh” sound. Discover “sh” words with your child with this fun “fishing” game.

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Age Range:
The “sh” sound.
Literacy and Language Development.


  • Pieces of sturdy paper or poster board, all the same size and shape (like the size of playing cards).
  • Crayons, pencils, markers, and/or cutout pictures from old magazines or newspapers and glue.


  1. Draw or paste some images of “sh” words, such as shark, shoe, fish, sheep, shell, shapes, shirt, ship and shelf-on pieces of paper or poster board. (As you are drawing or looking for images, say the words out loud with your child and help her to hear the “sh” sound in each one).
  2. Write the words for each object on other sheets of paper (one word per paper) that are the same size and shape as the cards with the “sh” words.
  3. Mix up all the items and put them into a bag.
  4. Pull out at a card from the bag. Put it down on the playing surface.
  5. Continue to pull out cards one at a time, taking turns with your child.
  6. If a player pulls out a card that matches one of the cards that is already out of the bag, she can put both cards in her pile.

Variation: Create a “fishing pole” using a popsicle stick and string. Put a hole through a small piece of paper and tie onto the string. Add magnetic tape to one side of the paper. Add magnetic tape to the back of each card. Place the cards into a bag. Take turns “fishing” in the bag with the “fishing pole” to get out the cards.